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The Viking Heritage Museum

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Day 17 of 164 Days Around The World Cruise

Norwegian culture plays a significant role in the essence of Viking, with deeply rooted Scandinavian heritage that truly sets itself apart. You are invited to experience our rich history on board every ocean cruise, where you

discover an entertainment feature unique to Viking-the Viking Heritage Museum. It showcases the history of the people during the Viking Era lasting from 782 AD-1066 AD through the present day, with items like replicas of sculoture. jewelry, Nordic artifacts, books, photographs and even a replica of a drekar, a Viking longship

In fact, the Viking ships made their expansion into new lands possible, with their immaculate design and craftsmanship that stood against the harsh conditions of rivers, lakes, fjords, various straits, and open sea. In addition to the longships, vessels came in various forms like wide-bellied cargo ships. They had an edge over their contemporaries, as Viking ships were constructed with watertight clinker-built shells where the edges of hull planks overlap with one another, creating a sturdy foundation that remained a universal method of ship building throughout northern Europe until the Middle Ages.

The Viking people themselves did not belong to a particular race or culture. The name Viking originated from the Scandinavians themselves, from the Old Norse word vik, meaning bay or creak. This formed the root of vikingr, or pirate. They originated from areas known today as Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Peel back the layers of Viking history by stopping by the Viking Heritage Museum to learn more, like why they traveled and how they lived their everyday lives

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