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The Chefs Table

Day 19 of 164 Days Around the World Cruise

Today we are highlighting our favorite resturant onboard Viking Neptune, The Chefs Table.

The Chefs Table features a 5 course menu with wine parings that changes every 3 days. The chef features food from all around the world, which of course is fitting as we are literally travel around the world on this cruise. The Chefs table resturant is a feature on all Viking Ocean Ships. So you can enjoy the same experience on a 164 day world cruise, or a 7 day get away cruise. The portions are small which we like and the presentation is exquisite. All of the ingredients are all natural and of the best quality. This is the only resturant onboard that we allow ourselves to indulge in bread and desert at as we are trying to stay healthy and fit. The deserts are beautiful and not heavily sweat, but always delicious. The breads are amazing an incorporate the flavors of the regions of that nights meal.

Dining at the Chefs Table is always a pleasure!

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