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Exploring Singapore

Day 67 of 164 Days Around the World Cruise

Singapore is a vibrant and bustling city-state located in Southeast Asia. Known for its iconic landmarks, mouth-watering cuisine, and rich cultural heritage, Singapore is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. In this blog post, we will explore three of the must-visit spots in Singapore – the Raffles Hotel, Arab Street, and La Pa Sat Hawker Market.

The Raffles Hotel is one of Singapore's most iconic landmarks. This colonial-style hotel was first opened in 1887 and has since been a symbol of luxury and sophistication. One of the most famous things to do at the Raffles Hotel is to indulge in a Singapore Sling, a cocktail that was first created at the hotel's Long Bar in 1915. The Singapore Sling is a refreshing blend of gin, cherry brandy, Cointreau, and pineapple juice, among other ingredients. It's a must-try drink for anyone visiting Singapore, and the Raffles Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy it.

Arab Street is another must-visit spot in Singapore. Located in the heart of Kampong Glam, Arab Street is a vibrant neighborhood that is rich in history and culture. The area is famous for its colorful shophouses, which are home to a variety of traditional businesses such as carpet shops, textile stores, and spice markets. One of the most interesting things to do in Arab Street is to explore the many boutiques and galleries that sell unique and handcrafted items. You can find everything from handmade jewelry to custom blended perfumes in this eclectic neighborhood.

Last but not least, La Pa Sat Hawker Market is a foodie's paradise. This hawker center is located in the heart of Singapore's central business district and is known for its wide variety of local and international cuisine. Here, you can find everything from classic Singaporean dishes like chicken rice and laksa to international favorites like Korean BBQ and Japanese ramen. The market is also known for its lively atmosphere, with live music and entertainment adding to the festive vibe.

In conclusion, Singapore is a city-state that offers something for everyone. Whether you're interested in luxury hotels, traditional neighborhoods, or delicious food, Singapore has it all. Make sure to add the Raffles Hotel, Arab Street, and La Pa Sat Hawker Market to your list of must-visit spots the next time you're in this amazing city. And don't forget to try a Singapore Sling – it's a drink that you won't soon forget!

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