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Not Santa Barbara

Day 2 of 164 Days Around the World Cruise

We missed our stop in Santa Barbara today due to poor weather.

SAIL THE PACIFIC OCEAN When Ferdinand Magellan crossed the Pacific Ocean almost 500 years ago, he dubbed it Mar Pacífico, meaning "peaceful sea." The name has remained, though those who have sailed these waters have not always brought peace. Soon after Magellan's sailing and as Europeans continued to expand their reach, five Spanish galleons carrying some 400 explorers pioneered a westward crossing, establishing one of the longest trade routes in history, which operated for 250 years. With trade came settlement and conflict whose ripple effects are still felt today. More recently, in 1947, Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl crossed this ocean on a balsa raft he built himself in order to prove that ancient civilizations could have done the same. (Viking Daily)

So how do you get ready for a 164 day world cruise? You are going to be living for 6 months in a tinier than tiny home, Well first you need to think about organization, space management, and medication. We don’t bring suitcases. Everything goes into duffles and vacuum bags. When we finish unpacking we put the duffles and the extra vacuumed bags in a vacuum bag and compress them down to nothing. They go under the bed along with collapsable under bed storage containers that hold the things we won’t be using for awhile like snorkel gear, etc. Other space saving techniques include bringing thin hangers, hangers that hold muitliple items, and even some collapsible dresser like storage boxes. Choose the clothes you want to bring and then put 50% back in your closet. You will pickup more along the way.

If you need medications, or like myself have medical devices, you need to work with your doctor and insurance company months in advance to get a 6 month supply of medication and device supplies that you will need. While there is a medical center on board they are not a pharmacy and my not have what you need. The med center can store any meds that need refrigeration as your stateroom fridge may not be cold enough.

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