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Moolooaba Australia

Day 42 of 164 Days Around the World Cruise

When we tendered into Moolooaba this morning we had a strong feeling that we were home. The Moolooaba harbor has homes situated along the shoreline with private docks that could have been plucked right out of our harbor neighborhood in Southern California.

Mooloolaba sits at the mouth of its namesake river, along the shores of the Sunshine Coast. The town derives its name from the Aboriginal word mulu ("snapper fish"') or mulla ("red-bellied black snake"). Its all-weather harbor is home to a fleet of fishing vessels and also draws large numbers of pleasure boaters. Benefiting from a year-round tropical climate, Mooloolaba is renowned for its stunning beaches and gentle waves. The lively Esplanade is an attraction for locals and visitors alike, combining sweeping views of the coastline with many dining and entertainment .venues

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