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Kagoshima: Volcanoes, Eel, and Charm

Day 68 of 180 Days Around the World Cruise

Kagoshima: Volcanoes, Eel, and Charm

Kagoshima, nestled in southern Japan, is a city thrumming with volcanic energy. Towering Sakurajima, a constantly active volcano, dominates the landscape. But Kagoshima offers more than fiery sights - it's a foodie's paradise!

Unagi no Sueyoshi, a beloved local restaurant, is a must-try for eel (unagi) enthusiasts. This traditional eatery serves up perfectly grilled eel sourced from the nearby Osumi Peninsula. The secret? Binchotan charcoal and a touch-of-sweet, Kagoshima-style glaze that elevates the unagi to new heights.

Soak up Kagoshima's beauty, then savor a taste of the city at Unagi no Sueyoshi!

Text by Gemini

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23 de mar.

Thanks for this, will be in Kagoshima next month and a huge fan of unagi!

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