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Hobart MONA - Museum of Old & New Art

Day 34 of 164 Days Around the World Cruise


After 2 days at sea spent attending lectures, playing trivia, reading, doing luandry and of course eating, today we arrived in Hobart Tasmania and visited the MONA museum. It is a provocative and very emersive art experience. The building itself is an architectural wonder. We personally loved the entire experience.

The museum is owned by David Walsh AO who is an Australian professional gambler, art collector and businessman. He is the owner of the Museum of Old and New Art and Moorilla Estate. Wikipedia

Unfortunately some exhibits did not allow photography such as the The Devine Comedy which required us to wear safety restraints and is described here:

This is a really good description and history of MONA :

We new we were in for a good time when we booked our ferry to the museum. We had a choice between a standard or the posh pit experience. We clicked on the link to see what the posh pit was and this is what we found:

So of course we choose fucking Posh and looked forward to having our egos inflated. LOL.

If you are in Hobart and have an open mind check it out, and we are confident you will say wow more than once.

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