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Rangiroa Blue Lagoon

Updated: Feb 2

Day 16 of 180 Days Around the World Cruise 2024

Dive into Paradise: The Enchanting Blue Lagoon of Rangiroa

Imagine a tranquil turquoise oasis, cradled within the embrace of a vast lagoon like a precious jewel. Picture palm-fringed islets dappling the sun-kissed waters, their swaying fronds whispering secrets to the gentle breeze. This is the magic of the Blue Lagoon in Rangiroa, a crown jewel of French Polynesia that will leave you breathless with its ethereal beauty.

A Lagoon Within a Lagoon: Rangiroa, the second-largest atoll in the world, boasts a lagoon so vast it could hold Bora Bora within its depths. And nestled within this watery kingdom lies the Blue Lagoon, a smaller lagoon carved by nature's hand. Its shallow waters shimmer in a kaleidoscope of blues, from the palest sky to the deepest sapphire, a feast for the eyes that begs to be explored.

Snorkeling Wonderland: Don your mask and fins, and prepare to be transported to an underwater wonderland. Vibrant coral gardens teeming with exotic fish paint the seabed, while curious stingrays glide gracefully by. Keep your eyes peeled for playful blacktip reef sharks and the majestic sicklefin lemon sharks, adding a touch of thrill to your aquatic adventure. But fear not, these gentle giants pose no threat and their presence only adds to the mystique of the Blue Lagoon.

They provided us with a fantastic day in the magical Blue Lagoon on their private Motu.

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