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Craving Cali in Newcastle? Antojitos Delivers!

Day 41 of 180 Days Around the World Cruise

Craving Cali in Newcastle? Antojitos Delivers!

Forget bland burritos and generic guac, Antojitos in Newcastle serves up California-style Mexican street food that's bursting with flavor. Fresh tortillas made daily? Check. Succulent fillings like melt-in-your-mouth carnitas and smoky chorizo? Check. Vibrant salsas and house-made sauces that pack a punch? Check, check, check!

More Than Just Tacos: Craving something besides tacos? Dive into their juicy mulitas, cheesy nachos, or hearty burritos. Vegetarians and vegans rejoice - Antojitos offers plenty of plant-based options that don't skimp on taste.

Chill Vibes and Big Flavors: The casual, warehouse-style space with a cool VW van adds to the laid-back atmosphere. Come with friends, share plates, and savor the fiesta of flavors.

Ready for Your Taco Fix? Head to Antojitos and let the good times (and the good food) roll!

Text by Gemini


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