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20 Days until we sail on our 164 day around the world cruise!

Updated: Jan 9

With 20 days to go we are getting excited. Some of our fellow travelers are already onboard Viking Neptune having boarded in Barcelona and others are joining soon in Fort Lauderdale today. Our world cruise starts in Los Angeles on January 8th and ends in London, but we also picked up 2 more subsequent cruises on the same ship so that we end the cruise in New York City on day 162. We spend 4 days in NYC and then home to plan our next around the world travel experience. Could it be a 2025 world cruise? Stay tuned to find out.

In addition to the cruise we are planning on taking 3 private side trips off ship during our voyage. You will need to stay tuned to find out what the side trips are as our journey unfolds. Also Shirley had her 65th birthday this year and her present will be delivered while in Australia so keep watching to see what Shirley gets for her birthday.

Our intention is to post a daily short fun video highlighting our experiences as we travel around the world in 162 days. We combine the best still pictures and videos taken each day with some light hearted commentary from my wife Shirley and myself. You are sure to have a few laughs along the way while seeing the world through our lenses.

We invite you to subscribe to our site to follow our adventure.

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